Bookplate competition for teens and children


Are you a creative soul and do you know how to print your great bookplate design of maximum 13 x 13 cm on paper no bigger than 20 x 15 cm? Then take part in our special competition for teens and children!

Ask your teacher at school or the arts academy for advice if you don’t know how best to go about things.

Any printing techniques that allow you to make at least 5 prints of equal quality are permitted: linocut, engraving, cardboard block printing, screen print, stamping, well-printed digital designs, etc. Once you are satisfied with the end result and you find your printed bookplate beautiful enough to stick it in your own books, you can send in 1 good print to the competition.

Though please note: you are responsible for postage and your design will not be returned to you afterwards. A specialised jury will choose the most beautiful and most interesting bookplates out of all submissions. Belgian Association of Bookplate Collectors and Designers Graphia is giving away a special prize of €250 to the winner. And there may be more to come!

Shortlisted bookplates also get a place in the museum exhibition during the 2019 Small Printmaking Biennial, at the opening of which the jury will announce the winner.

Do you join? Read all about it here or below.


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